Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

iTi can have your translated documents professionally prepared in many of the most popular software packages used today. This service is useful for clients who need their multilingual documents prepared for publication.

ITI Desktop Publishing

While desktop publishing services are popular for files such as brochures and advertisements that require technical formatting, it is also popular for typical documents such as a contract, a form, or a sales sheet!

When translating to or from English, text tends to expand or contract by up to 20%! This requires some detailed desktop publishing skills to ensure that the documents of any language match in format.

Another thing to consider is working with language fonts. Professional desktop publishers and translation agencies already have hundreds of language fonts downloaded and ready to go. Plus, if a graphic designer if altering a document in a foreign language but doesn’t speak that language, they are more likely to make awkward errors such as line breaks in the middle of a word.

Our desktop publishers are multilingual and familiar with international language fonts. Let us help you make sure your text is accurately converted when working in different languages and software packages.

ITI Desktop
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Desktop publishing services are available in a variety of formats including:


Productivity Applications:

  • .csv
  • .doc (MS Word)
  • .docx (MS Word 2007)
  • .xls (MS Excel)
  • .ppt (MS PowerPoint)
  • .txt files (TXT files)
  • .odt (OpenOffice Writer)
  • .rtf (rich text format)

Markup Languages:

  • .htm
  • .html
  • .mhtml
  • .resx
  • .sgml
  • .xhtm
  • .xml
  • .resource
  • DITA
  • .xliff
  • .svg

Specialty file types:

  • .mif (FrameMaker)
  • .inx (Adobe InDesign)
  • .qxp (Quark)


  • .rc (Resource Script)
  • .exe (Executable files
  • .msi (Windows Installer)
  • .TeX
  • .ini (configuration files)
  • .dll (Dynamic Link Library)
  • .ocx (OLE Control Extensions)
  • .dxf
  • .scr (Screen Saver)
  • .cpl (Control Panel Extensions)
  • .nls (National Language Support)
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