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Medical Interpreter Testing & Training

Language Proficiency

Just because someone speaks a different language doesn’t mean that they will be a good interpreter or translator of that language. Ensuring an individual is at an exceptional language proficiency level is absolutely vital to accurate communication. When communication is critical, like it is in the medical field, be sure to take precautions before allowing a bilingual staff member to interact in a language other than what they were professionally trained and educated in. iTi language proficiency assessments can be done over the phone during the week and only take about 45 minutes. Within days, you’ll have an accurate picture of the proficiency level of your employee so that you can make an educated decision on whether they should proceed with training or assisting patients in a different language at all.

Medical Interpreter Training

iTi trainers are certified professionals who are bilingual and bicultural and have many years of experience as medical interpreters. The instructors are experienced in cultural competence, as well as knowledge of the healthcare system, and will deliver the training from two perspectives: interpreting in healthcare ethical principles and national standard interpreting protocols. This 40-hour course fulfills the training requirement for medical interpreter certification.

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