What We Do

CART & Text Interpreting

CART is most easily described as subtitles for live discussions. Spoken language is translated instantaneously into text and displayed in various forms such as on a computer. The most popular usage of this service is for deaf or hard of hearing students in a classroom. A CART writer sits next to the student and transcribes everything the professor and other students say capturing the full class discussion. As the CART writer transcribes all that is heard the English text is being displayed on the computer screen so that the student can follow along. The student is then given a link to retrieve the information at any time or print out if he/she chooses.

– Onsite CART is when a CART writer physically sits in on the assignment

– Remote CART is exactly the same as onsite CART except the writer is in a different location and listens to the event through the use of a telephone or Voice Over Internet (VOIP) connection. We use the highest quality of speakers to ensure that everything that is said is captured.

iTi can provide onsite CART or remote CART for a variety of events:

  • Meetings
  • Classes
  • Training sessions
  • Special events


C-Print is very similar to CART except that instead of transcribing the conversation word for word the text interpreter summarizes the conversation or lecture. C-Print is basically an electronic note-taking system designed to provide a meaning-for-meaning transcription. This service is specifically designed for a classroom setting and is offered both onsite and remotely. When provided onsite the text interpreter and student usually have their own laptops compared to sharing one with onsite CART.