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In a world where communication has drastically changed the way we do business, you must engage customers in different ways, in multiple languages and across a variety of platforms.

Given the choice between similar products, 75% of respondents will choose the one with information in their language and English only represents 19.67% of all internet users (Common Sense Advisory). With so many communication platforms available and a tremendous amount of content being published everyday to the general public, our constantly-evolving technology makes it possible to instantaneously get messages out to the masses. Many organizations try to market and sell their products/services to a global audience, but oftentimes an idea or message doesn’t translate well into another language. iTi linguists understand the nuances between languages and are able to convey messages appropriately.

iTi strives for 100% client satisfaction with every client. Our Quality Assurance practices have allowed us to monitor and manage all accounts. This proven Quality Assurance Plan is the key to our superior customer service.

iTi can assist with all of your multicultural communication needs, including:

» Marketing collateral (brochures, advertisements, business cards, videos, sell sheets, etc.)
» Websites
» Blog posts
» Safety & operation manuals
» Signage
» Social media
» Search engine optimization
» Advertising
» Search engine marketing
» Conference materials
» Public service announcements
» Press releases


At Interpreters and Translators, Inc. (iTi), we take pride in our systematic approach to assisting companies with efficient, cost-effective processes and products so you can communicate with your customers in their language!

Marketing/Advertising Services Include:

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

quality_iconiTi became ISO certified in 2015 which is a measurement of quality. Our Quality Management System ensure you receive consistent, accurate services and on time delivery each and every time. We monitor each translation project closely and log any causes for corrective action or continuous improvement. Likewise, all feedback from interpreting assignments are logged for either corrective action or continuous improvement.

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  • iTi is always my first choice for translation!

    President, Wordlock, Inc. – Santa Clara, California

    Testimonial 6
  • We recently reached out to iTi for a very important project. Our company, Rev Image Digital, was asked to produce an international contest where the winner would be the opening act for Avril Lavigne while she was touring in Asia. iTi provided outstanding results, and when we need translation done again I’ll have no hesitation going back to them. We put a lot of trust into iTi, and they delivered.

    Matt Carrano – Business Development Manager – RevImage Digital, Inc

    Testimonial 5