iTi Healthcare Solutions

As the United States’ population continues to become more diverse, healthcare organizations are constantly preparing to serve a multicultural and multilingual client base. iTi’s suite of healthcare services ensures seamless communication between patients and healthcare professionals at every point of the process to ensure patient centered care. We recognize that information accuracy, confidentiality, and timeliness are especially critical within the healthcare environment.

Without language services, doctors and nurses run the risk of misdiagnosing a patient’s symptoms and providing inadequate care. Not only could this have serious repercussions for the patient, but it also leaves both doctors and hospitals open to potential lawsuits. Our language solutions ensure not only joint commission compliance but also that all non-English speaking patients receive the best possible care.

Our linguists, available in over 150 languages, are trained professionals who are familiar with medical terminology, adhere to Professional Ethics and Standards of Practice, and understand the absolute necessity of patient confidentiality according to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). iTi can also build the internal capacity of hospitals and clinics by helping them create an internal testing/training program for bilingual staff members, which will cut costs in the long run because it would use current staff members.

iTi Healthcare Solutions can assist organizations with:

» Independent Medical Exams
» End-of-life discussions
» Medical records
» Intake & discharge summaries
» Pre/post-op consultations and instructions
» Mental health sessions/discussions
» Evaluations
» Consultations
» Medical appointments
» Physical therapy sessions/discussions

HealthCare Services Include:

» Medical Interpreter Training (for bilingual staff)
» Document Translation: Legal forms, Institutional Review Board (IRB) studies, Signage, Brochures, Discharge instructions
» Medical Transcriptions
» Customized Trainings for Staff – Cultural competency, how to work with an interpreter, etc.

ISO 9001:2008 Certified

quality_iconiTi became ISO certified in 2015. Our Quality Management System ensures you receive consistent, accurate services and on-time delivery every time. We monitor each translation project closely and log any causes for corrective action, which results in our continuous improvement. Likewise, all feedback from interpreting assignments is logged, in case corrective action is necessary.

iTi strives for 100% satisfaction with every client. Our Quality Assurance practices have allowed us to monitor and manage all accounts. This proven Quality Assurance Plan is the key to our superior customer service.

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  • The turnaround time for translations of my Domestic Violence articles is wonderful. Previously, I might wait up to 2 weeks. And if I have a question, I always get a prompt response—I usually get a response the same day; I never wait more than one business day. I appreciate that.

    Carol Zimmerman – Department of Human Services – Office of Medical Assistance Programs

    Testimonial 33
  • I wanted to praise the services of Ms. Polley. She provided translation for one of my patients and his family yesterday, and she did a phenomenal job. I was extremely impressed by her ability to translate concurrently. She relayed information thoroughly and reliably and is truly one of the best interpreters with whom I have worked. Thank you.

    Sarah Schlegel, MD – Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrics – Connecticut Children’s Medical Center

    Testimonial 32
  • We needed expert translation services to make it possible to communicate with the family about very complicated issues and sad emotions. While she was clearly affected by the sadness of the situation, she always maintained a professional, yet caring and sympathetic, demeanor. We could not have asked for better support in this situation. iTi should be proud that these two women represent your company.

    Aaron Zucker, M.D. – Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Hartford, Connecticut

    Testimonial 31
  • We partnered with iTi for the transcreation of our website and the result has been simply incredible. The staff are simply amazing professionals providing great feedback and comments on aspects that affect our customers with their online experience. The result of their hard work is now seen by thousands of Spanish speaking customers across the state seeking health insurance.

    Andrea Ravitz, Director of Marketing – Access Health CT

    Testimonial 30
  • Thank you for your quick response to my request for specific translator, Mr.Binh was, as always, wonderful and very professional. The work we do with battered women is confidential and using an interpreter is very difficult because of the sensitive information. Working with Mr.Binh has put us at ease. She has been sensitive to the issues at hand and we trust her with the translation of confidential information.

    Interval House – Simsbury, Connecticut

    Testimonial 29
  • I have recently used iTi’s interpreter, Ms. Ndoia. She is bright and managed the sessions professionally. She interacted well with the client and other professionals during a school meeting and a medical appointment. She is motivated to do a good job. I am confident that she can handle most assignments with Albanian clients.

    Stacy Herbert – LCSW Bridges

    Testimonial 28
  • We always enjoy working with iTi! They are always very accommodating.

    Supervising RN – Capitol Region Mental Health Center

    Testimonial 27
  • We have been overwhelmingly pleased with iTi. Their translators are extremely accurate and culturally appropriate. The iTi representatives are helpful and fast. I can recommend iTi to other public agencies interested in a translation company.

    Susan Harrington, Assistant Director of Communications – Boston Public Health Commission

    Testimonial 26